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This month more than any other, celebrates pride, a time to revel in the beauty of diversity and the power of authenticity. Be proud of personal growth, embracing your true self, and the achievements you've earned. In this newsletter, Bonjour Paris also honors its own journey. So let’s take a step back on what we’ve done. Let us inspire each other to embrace all facets of pride—big and small—creating a world where everyone can shine brightly 🌈

The Bonjour Paris office has expanded and with new spaces comes new inspirations! We’ve added more meeting rooms and workspaces to be enjoyed by us and our lovely clients. Stay tuned for the final result!

Stay tuned!
Are you Team Cosmopolitan or Margarita? In our latest collaboration with Cointreau, we’ve created a new video campaign for Cointreau U.S. and global markets! The video showcases a moment of sharing amongst friends and teaches our audience how easy it is to shake up their own cocktails! At the heart of the campaign, we see how 'Cointreau changes everything.'
Caron's new fragrance collection, Belle de Niassa, is a true testament to the Niassa plains in Africa. Bonjour Paris immersed itself into the marvels of these natural landscapes to create a series of 3D visualiztions for the collection. From the sublime colors, to the earthy textures, each scene is deliberately detailed to match the essence of every new scent.
Radikal, the historic French magazine born in the 90s, is back in the spotlight, with Bonjour Paris supporting its digital revival. Known for their audacious spirit, Radikal originally launched as a print magazine. Today, they are shifting to be digital first, while retaining the convictions that made it famous in the past. Bonjour Paris has imagined its new contemporary identity while paying homage to its heritage and initial DNA. Bold, punchy, and sharp, Radikal’s visual identity is deliberately strong, with uncompromising graphic choices to echo its values.
You may not think wine and wind have similarities, but think again! If we describe one, we might tell you that there are 32 wind types, which affects the terroirs of Provence and contributes to the expression of the climate. That's what led Bonjour Paris to choose a compass for their logo made up of 32 directions, signifying the name "Rosa 32."
Davit Giorgadze is a Berlin based mixed media artist and photographer. Inspired by his childhood growing up in Tbilisi, Georgia, his work is a collection of hauntingly beautiful character studies that brim with emotion.

This month is a celebration of love, life, and being who we are. Here’s a playlist full of upbeat anthems to dance your heart out to 💜
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